Beep Xtra – “How To Turn Free Into Profit For Both Businesses and Customers”

beep-cards-counter-portrait-sticker-250wI have been testing the online website for beepxtra for the last couple of weeks and after 35+ years in direct marketing these are my findings…

1. There are so many scams on the internet these days promising to help make you rich by tomorrow and it is difficult to find out what actually works and whether the business is going to be around for a long time.. Now on first inspection and testing , beep appears to be very accepted by 99% of the people that I have contacted about it.

2. FREE which is the most accepted and prized word in marketing…is exactly what it costs to Join and get your Free Beep Card! This makes it very acceptable to almost everyone including those that are BROKE! And since I come across a lot hapless people  that have lost their shirt attempting to make money in one or more of the 1000’s of scams out there. They now have a lifeline that will only require them to put in some sweat equity and they could make it work for them..

3. You Can only Join when you get a Personal no spamming or splashing links allover the social media sites and hoping to get people to join you. I like this a lot.

4. This is a fantastic business opportunity to be part of the World’s first cloud based, free Loyalty Rewards Systems and we can show you how to get your part in the Beepxtra System.

5. The Beepxtra Loyalty Card System will be available to every person, Shop, Restaurant and Business Service Provider and it is totally Free to Start Up.

6. Beepxtra Licenses are limited so don’t hang around get in now while its free as Beep offer a very good performance payment plan with huge earning potential.

7. We will provide free training and support for all You that would like to work with us. Now is the time to start supporting our Local Businesses before they all disappear and at at the same time create a successful business for ourselves and family. (Click here to listen to one of the worlds most acclaimed economists on The Boom Ahead) Your Concerns???

 Is Beepxtra a scam?

We’ve revealed all the facts about Beep that will help you decide whether this is right for you or not. We certainly believe Bepxtra is NOT a scam as this business opportunity is actually FREE, which means you cant lose.  We suggest that  you join asap and go through all of the information in the back office. Please Feel free to go through this website and learn as much about Beepxtra and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Thanks for visiting!

If you are looking for an Affordable Business that’s going to be around for a while then Beepxtra may just be for you. It is hard to explain the full potential and power of the beepxtra Business on this website, but hopefully you can get an idea of what is on offer, if you would like to test it for free (it is always going to be free) please contact us.

Getting in as soon as possible at the start of any new business is very important if you want to be in at the startup phase, which is often the most exciting and challenging time, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible and get any of your questions answered.

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