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Axel HenriksenBusiness Consultant & Salesman

Hello, my name is Axel Henriksen. they call me `’The Wizard Of Wealth”

As you may be able to tell, my family originated in the land of the Vikings.

I have a wonderful relationship with a fantastic lady, I’m grandfather to six wonderful young boys and girls, Great Grandfather to two very cheerful boys and father to 4 fully grown and independent children.

After leaving school at fifteen to look after the family business, I was involved in many different and diverse businesses, and in many different capacities, ranging from salesman to Managing Director (mostly that means you get to lock up after completing all the tasks left uncompleted by your staff).

My areas of experience include cars, insurance, lighting, fashion, furniture, financial services – including running “The MBA of banking for The British Chamber of Commerce” – throw in a bit of property development for good measure and you’ve got a pretty good picture.

I’ve also worked in many different countries, including five years in Russia working for a humanitarian foundation as a business consultant running over 600 small to medium sized companies with a staff numbering in the many thousands.

Unfortunately I became very sick and had to return to New Zealand, only to find that my so-called business “partners” had destroyed my capital base and I was basically back at square one!

I discovered this business opportunity after answering a small advert in the newspaper with a view to turning my life around in more ways than one…Let me assure you I was so broke at that time that I had to borrow from a friend to get started…so if I can do this, you surely can too.

The products showed promise so I decided to try them myself. I can tell you that I have experienced life-changing results personally and this has given me great confidence in recommending them to others.

From an income point of view, I can tell you that I am on-track!

The hours I put in are boosted by the help I receive from the fabulous people that have partnered with me and created an amazing team who work together – and I get all of them at absolutely no cost to me (as you would too)!

The HOP AutoBiz Centre system and business model is so solid, and contains all the elements necessary for success.

All anyone has to do is add the desire to succeed.

Using this HOP system, I’ve developed an International team of Great Friends whom I work with and support on a daily basis. Due to that teamwork we are all experiencing growth.

Should you be looking for a REAL opportunity where you’ll be fully supported, then I would highly recommend this business opportunity to you.

It’s for anyone who is looking to work with real products while having the possibility of developing a great income working from home. www.getleverage.biz

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Tips on how to get to know me better

  • Be practical
  • Be brief
  • Be assertive
  • Be to the point
  • Be supportive of my goals
  • Be respectful of my time
  • Show strength!

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Kind regards

Axel Henriksen “The Wizard Of Wealth”
New Zealand

We are also Passionate about helping others to reach their goals in life and we are constantly Testing businesses around the world to find the very Best. Unfortunately many never match up to the 12 points we consider to be a REAL lasting opportunity, Many are very exciting for a short while and as STARS do they burn themselves out or implode. We believe that there are a few great ones and because we run a unique model {Would love to discuss this with you for your country}

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