A Shocking but timely truth

A Shocking but timely truth

I have a VERY shocking and timely truth to reveal to you if you are a business owner…

Your first reaction will be one of  horror when you realise how much               money  you have wasted and how much money  you have left unbanked…         probably f or  years and years.


After you recover from the shock, you will realise that what you have just learnt has the capacity to make you a fortune and you will ultimately wish you had known it years ago.


I believe, in the right hands, implemented with piercing accuracy, what I’m about to reveal could be worth 1 million dollars in revenue.


So this shocking truth will most likely upset you at first, but set you free. In fact, it will give you extreme economic advantage over each and every competitor you have.


Ok, enough foreplay, let’s mush on and make you a ton of money…


Alright, let’s imagine I have a room full of 1,000 people and for some reason that escapes me right now, I’m going to ask that room full of people “who in the next month is intending to buy some furniture?”


Now I could have asked that question of any product or service you can think of, like who’s looking to buy a new car in the next month or so? Who’s looking to buy real estate in the next month or so? Who needs to service their car in the next month or so? Who’s thinking about buying some exercise equipment in the next month or so? Who’s thinking of getting their back pain treated in the next month or so? Who’s going to the hairdresser or beauty salon in the next month or so? Even who’s going to the dentist in the next month or so?


And the statistic for all of these and more products and services that I haven’t mentioned would have been about the same. You see, for…


Any Product or Service about 3% of the Market Place is Ready to Buy NOW!


That group of buyers is commonly referred to as the… “Buying Now Category”. The shocking fact of over 99% of advertising in every media, print, radio, TV, Internet included, is that that’s all the advertising is targeted to, the “Buying Now Category


And generally speaking, the “Buying Now Category” gives you just enough of a return on your investment (sales) in your ads to pay the bills but certainly never get rich or achieve financial freedom and independence.


You see, most business owners are advertising victims. By the way, it’s not their fault, it’s the system that sets them up for failure. The most accepted adopted system is to copy what everyone else is doing in your industry.

And the fact is, they are dumb and broke. It is something I have referred to previously as “Incestuous Marketing” where you look at what everyone else in your industry is doing and you copy them.


Trouble is, after a while it starts to look like real incest and business owners just get dumber and dumber.

Now it’s time to make you poor, suffering, screwed business owners some money for a change. Now let’s ask that original questions a bit differently…


This time let’s say you ask that same 1,000 people “who wants to buy furniture in the next 12 months?” Now remember, I could have said this about any product or service and the statistic would have been about the same.


About another 7% of the room would have put their hand up. This group is commonly referred to as the “Open to Buy Category”. Now add the “Buying Now Category” to the “Open to Buy Category” and now you pretty much have 10% of the room that could, with the right marketing message, be influenced to make a purchase in the very near future.


Now let’s look at the facts, that’s a 233.3% increase in the amount of people you could influence. How do you do this? How do you stop being screwed? And instead come out with an incredible, extreme economic advantage over each and every competitor in your industry?


Well, you switch from selling stuff (because people hate to be sold) to educating and helping people. You give away free stuff, free education… it could easily be a report, manual, book, CD, DVD, a seminar, in fact a combination of all the above.


So let me give you an actually example. A REAL life, REAL world, truthful example, not something based on observation, research and study (valid but flawed) you get from the “stuffed shirt brigade”.


Ok, let’s say you’re in the health and beauty industry. Now if you wanted to work your tail off slaving away competing on price, you’ll offer all manner of services like facials, anti-aging and hair removal.


So instead of offering a veritable “smorgasbord” of services, you ONLY offer cellulite treatments.

Well, the good news is you now “niche marketed” and the riches are in the niches. You see, you get to charge more if you are an expert, authority in a niche. You also get to have a less “clunky” business because you are not trying to be everything to everyone.


You’re only targeting cellulite sufferers. You now have a niche that is an inch wide but miles deep. After all, even Nicole Kidman has cellulite. You see, if you sell “everything to everyone” you are a small fish in a big pond but if you niche, you are a big fish in a small pond.


Now the “dumb business owner” who is smart enough to niche and just offer cellulite treatments, writes an ad that asks the suffering prospect to come to their clinic and partake their cellulite solution.


Trouble is the “dumb business owner” offering their cellulite solution is only marketing to the 3%. I on the other hand, I am marketing to the 10% and above, more about that later.


Because then it gets really interesting…

You see, I wrote a headline that read “Embarrassed by Ugly Cellulite?” which offered a free report entitled “Breakthrough Treatment from France Seems to Melt Cellulite and Fat Away for Almost Anybody who uses it”.


So here’s what happened everytime that ad ran, every second Tuesday in the major Western Australian newspaper, 200 to 300 women responded by going to the website where their name and address was captured or by requesting the free report via automated 24 hour free-recorded phone message.


The results were…


The 3% of the “hot and heavy” ready to “Buying Now Category” came in to the clinic and purchased immediately. The 7% “Open to Buy Category” brought quickly overtime because of the convincing messages and offers that were strategically made to them.


What happened to our advertising victim? Well he or she was lucky to get the 3%. Remember that is what we call torture in business, just enough to pay the bills. My ad was also DL sized, about 20cm by 2 columns and cost $2,000 to run and I needed half of one sale to break even.


Their ad on the other hand was a full page and cost about $8,000 to run. Remember there are…


Less people ready to buy at any moment than there are people who could be influenced to buy

Now without a shadow of a doubt, I have just shown you how to do the opposite of what 99% of what business owners do with their advertising and how to make a lot more money.


But now, I REALLY want to show you how to make a lot more money. You see, so far we have only talked about the 3% and the 7% of the market that can be influenced to “buy now”. Now I want to talk about how we can get 70% of those 1,000 people in the room that I referred to earlier, to buy.


Hold on to your hat, because I am about to make you rich “carbon head”.

So the big, awful, shocking, ugly mistake most business owners make is


Marketing and Advertising to the 3%.


Now, as the buying triangle here explains, 3% are in the “Buying Now Category”. Another 7% are in the “Open to it Category”. About another 30% are in the “Not Talking About It Category” but could be influenced to move up the triangle… ready to buy. A further 30% think “They are Not Interested”, but could be if you knew what I know. Finally, the 30% that are “Definitely Not Interested”, you’re wasting your time.


In my experience, there is nothing you can do to influence that group. But hey, we are now influencing 70% of the market and moving them up the triangle. By the way, I didn’t figure this out on my own. I first heard it expressed this way by a company called “Business Breakthrough’s International” but, I sure do know how to exploit it.


Ok, still not convinced? Well you “doubting Thomas”, suspend your disbelief just for a moment as I do my best to make you rich.


So let’s say we ask this question to the 1,000 people in the room. “Who’s thinking of buying exercise equipment in the next month or so?” Up goes the hand of about 3% of the folk in the room. Now, ask this question, “Who’s thinking of buying exercise equipment in the next 12 months?” You will get another 7% of the room put their hand up, about 10% in total.


Now try this question. “Who’s been thinking that they should be exercising for their health and well being particularly if you want to live longer?” Now you will get about 30% of the room put their hand up.

Then ask “Who would like to know the one thing you can do every day to reduce your chances of dying from all diseases by up to 47% and live a longer and healthier life?” Now I have got about 70% of the room interested and putting their hand up.


Research shows that the one thing you can do every day to reduce your chances of getting “crook” is aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. Here is the article and source below.


Dr Theodore|May 15,2010 of NeoGen Anti Aging


“We all want to live a long and healthy life don’t we? We all wish for great health and vitality and a disease free body and mind to allow us to enjoy our life, right?”


“What if I could show you a simple anti aging therapy that can reduce your risk of dying from heart disease or cancer by three times, would you be interested? And, even better, this therapy doesn’t even have to cost you a dime, is simple to do, and can even be quite fun”


“Do I have your attention now? Before I tell you what this therapy is, let’s look at the facts to support the statements I have just made”


“In one study, researchers looked at the health of over 2000 men over a 22 year period to examine if this therapy could actually increase their health and lifespan. Some of the men in this study group received this therapy only a few days per week. The men in the control group of course did not receive any of this therapy”

“When the study was completed, 131 of the men had died: 95 (73.6%) were in the control group and only 36 (26.4%) were in the therapy group”


“So then what was the therapy that led to a 47% reduction in mortality?”

“Regular exercise”


“Yes exercise: it’s simple, cheap yet very effective”


Source: http://www.neogenantiaging.com/reduce-your-risk-of-dying-from-heart-disease-or-cancer-by-47-with-this-therapy/


Now that you have read that, be honest, who wasn’t even thinking about doing exercise before but now you genuinely feel you need to do so, and more importantly, you’re going to do something about it.


Let’s face it, if I presented a great argument to you now about exercise and why my exercise equipment is better or superior, for one reason or another, do you think I would sell more?


Well without a shadow of a doubt I will.


You see, what I have actually done is broaden the appeal of my marketing message to a wider audience. Importantly, I am not trying to sell them anything, just helping and educating.


In this example, you have gone from selling exercise equipment to the 3% of folk who are ready to buy today to educating and helping 70% of people, the majority of whom weren’t even interested in buying exercise equipment.


Surprisingly now, a larger number of folk have come to the inevitable conclusion, they want more of what you have to offer. Simply, you are now marketing to and appealing to a larger number of prospects without even trying to sell to them.


So there you have it, the SHOCKING TRUTH FINALLY REVEALED that 99% of business owners are advertising victims, slowly being tortured to death by only marketing to the 3% of prospects ready to buy, rather than getting rich, marketing to the 70% of prospects that could, with the RIGHT message, be influenced to buy, using benefit driven, education based marketing.


I Believe this strategy, when implemented with piercing accuracy, in the hands of the RIGHT person could easily be worth 100 million dollars in revenue.


All the Best,

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